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What kinds of analysis do I develop?

About all the factors that take place over the landscape: environment, population, roads and railways, economic activities, urban and rural areas. Statistical analysis and cartography are the main steps of this process.

What tools do I use for analysis?

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are the key that allows me to develop my analysis tasks. I am highly specialized in ArcGIS from ESRI, but I also know gvGIS or QGIS.

What managing tools do I develop?

All kind of them, considering the availability or the access to the data given by the administration or other private organizations. One of the main premises is to comply with the law on data publicly and maintaining the privacy of individuals.

How do I implement the tools?

With programming, using most of the times Microsoft .NET Framework (C# y VB), with Visual Studio being the IDE of reference. I do also know others such as PyScripter (for Python), Code::Blocks (for C/C++) or RStudio (for R).

Am I available for new projects?

For sure, contact me with the e-mail address given at the botton of this page.

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