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I develop a range of tools which all involve different aspects of landforms: soil occupation, population, cadastre and agricultural activities.  Most of them revolve around the two most important aspects of cartography: the management and analysis of geographic data.

One of the best examples implemented at the moment is "GISTools: Mapping tools for the management and analysis of geographic data". This group of 13 convenient scripts simplifies the handling of several geoprocessing characteristics, from geodatabase interaction and study, to topographical concerns and the road network as a whole.

For example, the main tool is complemented by others which can tabulate the alphanumeric data collated from the Spanish Cadastre and then store those vector shapes and tables back into the same Geodatabase. This way the analysis and mapping capabilities are highly improved and benefit from both GIS itself and the general centralizing all pertinent information.

Decoding the "Land Occupation Information System of Spain (SIOSE)" allows one to take full advantage of a highly detailed source of information in the study of landforms.  A whole variety of territorial studies may be engaged in simply from that wealth of data on its own. Thanks to "ArcSIOSE" toolbar, tasks can be done within ArcGIS.

The digital information published by the National Statistics Institute (INE) also comprises a useful source of census and other data sets from around the nation. This has led to the development and implementation of many applications which ensure a better understanding of the Spanish population as well as its farming system, from the regional and the national agency levels.

The current public policy of transparency as well as extensive access to all kinds of useful information has significantly increased the possibilities in cartographic analysis.  As a result, with a little imagination and effort we can extend the boundaries of geographic studies to levels that would have been unthinkable just few short years ago.

GISTools for ArcGIS
Data conversion for Spanish Cadastre
ArcSIOSE toolbox for ArcGIS
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