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2016-10-03 | Reviewing "DeskRule" search engine, find georeferenced images

In early 2015 Nikos Bozinis, creator of xplorer², made public the first version of DeskRule, a new search engine for Windows whose aspirations are really interesting. With a minimum size (4 MB) and a really simple interface, it is able to find a needle in a haystack, as its slogan says. It employs up to 300 properties and attributes that are contained in the metadata of the files that we store on our computers. The difference with similar products is significant because, for instance, the Windows Search handles 167.

The program first analyses the Windows Search index, if any result is found, it begins a second level approach, slower, but also more robust. More information about this product can be found at DeskRule's website because this blog entry is not intended for that, since I would like to highlight its newest addition.

"DeskRule" windows desktop search engine (find needles in a haystack)

With version 1.4, published the 30th of September, the tool acquires geographic capabilities. These allow you to search images containing GPS coordinates taken by mobile phones, digital still cameras or camcorders. Imagine the situation where we have many pictures of several scattered municipalities in a province taken during field work sessions, to locate those related to a specific space would be as simple as opening the map location, point out the frame of the area that we are interested in, and start searching. As simple as that and, at the same time, as complex as we would like to make it, since we can add all those properties we deem appropriate from the 300 available.

The price is reasonable for the most advanced version, but there is also the possibility of taking another cheaper at the expense of losing some more advanced options. All that currently offers DeskRule makes it a good working tool that also makes it suitable for handling of our personal files. Author capabilities, proven for more than a decade with xplorer², anticipate a promising development of this search engine.

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